Sunday, December 14, 2008

Email Etiquette

I just read a article on Connect IT News - and was reminded of some basics of Email, that are as much about marketing basics as they are about internal office Emails and Client Management Emails.

I have to say the simple insights this article covers are essential. I particularly relate the second item - the failure to use the subject line of an email... Usually when subject line is empty - especially if I know the sender - the delay is like a silent protest! I am just not keen to open the email as I know I will have to then spend time trying and work out what the hell is going on. I literally find it impolite for someone to send me an email without a subject line. As bad habits go, imagine how customers feel when they receive emails from someone who cannot be bothered to fill in the subject line. I always think of the subject line as the tag that sells the email - to encourage the recipient to read the email.

Point 6 - my addition! Lack of facts. Now I know I often forget names but I do try and relate an email to a set of facts and generally ensure that all the pertinent facts are in the email - like a phone number, or an amount, or whatever it is that the person writes to me wants me to do.

This lot said, the overall quality of emails from our team are pretty good. However, just one email without a subject and without the complete facts are time wasting emails - it saves all our time to get them right in the first place and it helps keep clients and colleagues happy - simply to do what we are asking them to do.

I think I will make this the subject of a blog post...

I think it would help us all to forward the link above and to spread the news on email etiquette - here it is again: Connect IT News

The article is not just about etiquette, it also provides useful insights on data protection and suggests team and system strategies to avoid problems - Expect to be unlucky. Don't rely on luck!

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Conrad said...

Email etiquette gets stretched even further when people are using small keyboard blackberrys or similar where everyone tries to type a little as possible