Monday, December 8, 2008

Watch your language!

The language you use is in your email marketing is key. If you make your emails benefits led and not sales led you will gain more respect - and more response. It is uncommon that you would buy directly off an email. Sales led emails find it difficult to avoid ending up in price discount offers, whereas benefits led communications ends up in sales and communications. If you leave the price out, you can start talking to your customers to more effect.

Too many marketers bombard their potential customers with 'buy now' cliche's as opposed to intelligent benefit led propositions that combine to make mouth watering offers. Readers cannot resist to click for more information if your story telling skills are working to their best.

Focus on core benefits

Due to the interactive nature of Email marketing, it is possible to focus on one group of closely related benefits. With email you can directly relate to potential consumer needs rather than blasting an entire product range, hoping for the best.

Get Engaged

By focussing on individual core product and service areas, you have the opportunity to express your unique selling points. By intelligently engaging with your audience, your communication life cycle is longer and your chances of making direct sales improved.

Email marketing is a two way street. If you receive emails from consumers you must respond, failure to do so can result in loss of market share and damaged reputation.

If it is you who initiates emails, it is also you who can stop initiating further emails if it gets too busy - remember it is your email campaign and you can change it, just be nice about it.

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