Friday, December 19, 2008

email marketing is extremely cost effective

It’s a fact; email marketing works incredibly well - and costs little or nothing!

You need a list
The easy way is to buy one, but really you do not know how good that list is until afterwards and you might upset a few people. I would avoid that route unless you can find a really good supplier, someone you can trust. I do know a few that are good, so please let us know if you are looking and I will put you in touch, no problem.

How to build the best list money can't buy
However, if you build your own email database (mailing list) then you will probably get to where you want to be more quickly... Literally, the best way to get started is to ask your existing clients, contacts, colleagues and alumni if you can have their email address and if it’s ok for you to email them occasionally with news or special offers. The key is to ask their permission!

Ask people to opt-in
You also need to get people joining your email list from your website. To do this, make it as easy as possible, (like the sign-up box on our website), and offer something of value as an incentive for them to join your mailing list (we offer a free white paper). Also, only ask for their email address - nothing more. Every additional thing that people have to think about will reduce the number of sign ups - don't do it - let them give you more information when they are ready. When you do take their email address, you must let them know that you will never, ever pass on their details.

It is all about care and integrity.
Only send people valuable information (like our white paper) or a genuinely special offer. We strongly recommend that you only send one message every week or 14 days - don't bombard people. We send out a key information rich case study every 14 days. As a result, very few people ask to be removed from my subscriber list and many call in and turn into clients.

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